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The company “Gelian” is a producer of natural food products. Strict quality control is the most important aspect of our work. There is no place in our products: artificial colors and flavors, flavor enhancers, stabilizers and other chemical additives. The composition includes only natural ingredients.

The company’s products are manufactured under the trademarks “Greday” and “Primorsky Krai – regional products.” The basis of the products are our own technological and technical developments. We strive to make quality natural products available to as many customers as possible.

                               Natural products company “Gelian” – a guarantee of quality and natural products.

four components of success


The product contains only natural and high-quality ingredients.


Thanks to the unique technology of production of goods, vitamins and trace elements are stored, which are so useful for the body


Gelian products contain the maximum amount of useful components created by nature itself

The control

Strict quality control of the supplied raw materials is a guarantee of the quality of manufactured products

Quality certificates

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