We are open for cooperation with retail grocery stores, supermarkets and hypermarkets, with distributors of farm and organic products, with health food stores and other resellers.

Flexible commercial policy allows us to offer mutually beneficial terms of cooperation for wholesale buyers, both large and large market participants.

Working conditions

Small wholesale
– Order from 5000 thousand
– Ability to defer payment.
– Free tasting samples
– Customer information support about the product.
– Providing promotional materials
Large wholesale
– Order from 100,000 thousand
– Possibility of deferred payment
– Free tasting samples
– Status of official partner
– Providing promotional materials
Advertising Agents and Corporate Clients
– Order from 10,000 thousand
– Tasting sets with a 50% discount
– Customer logo labels
– Gift sets with individual design
Export and STM
– Cerberus entered the register of exporters
– Act of production inspection
– Product Quality Certificates
– Production of products under our own brand

To receive a commercial offer and price list, please contact us by e-mail

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